Sugarplums & Submission


My sinfully gorgeous, muscular, hockey-playing stepbrothers are in trouble. They misbehaved a little too much and their coach insists they do damage control to clean up their reputations.

I’d normally be on board with that.

But tonight, my plan is to auction myself at the Christmas Cherry Auction to take care of a rather private problem.

One that stepbrothers shouldn’t solve.

So when my stepbrothers decide that their good deed will be a million dollar donation to charity and that they’ll make it by winning me, my plan is ruined.

I’m not normally one to pivot gracefully, but they make a secret offer I can’t resist.

Are they setting me up for the wildest time of my life, or smashing a wrecking ball into my carefully structured plan?

My life plan didn’t involve stepbrothers.
It also didn’t involve them being famous heartthrob hockey players.
And it most certainly wasn’t suppose to allow them to bid on me at the Christmas Cherry Auction.

Can I trust the fantasy life they promise me, or will my heart be broken when their motives become clear?

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