Sugar D’s Speed Dating : Why Choose


If you love dirty-talking men who have over-the-top ideas of how to please their woman and want to give her babies, you’ll want to grab a seat at Sugar D’s Speed Dating! There’s enough lust, love, and donuts for everyone.

Why Choose the Bodyguards

With the 9-month clock ticking away, the Sugar D’s Speed Dating event fills me with hope that I can find a decent guy who’s willing to have some fun and help me lose my virginity before I give birth.

Why Choose the Stepbrothers

When I find out my dad is getting married, I do what any self-respecting daughter would do—I convince my best friend to help me spy on my stepbrothers at the local bar. But once I see them, I can’t get the older, hot bikers out of my mind.

Why Choose the Billionaires

Faced with an offer from five well-tailored men who understand my love of the finer things, I gamble on losing my ‘untouched’ status that my father plans on using to pay his debt.

Why Choose the Beards

When the guy I’ve had my eye on at the speed dating event sits out a round, the last thing I expect him to do is return with his five brothers!

These stories are short, fast-paced, and full of smexy fun! Read them in one sitting and come back for more!

All four books from the Sugar D’s Speed Dating series. If you love a over the top, steamy reverse harem, with a few laughs along the way this is a series for you.

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