Christmas Cherry Auction: 5 Reverse Harem Romances


Sparkles and Spankings
My sassy mouth has gotten me in trouble more than once. Then I’m bid on by three billionaires who understand how to handle it!

Presents and Praise
I barely had enough confidence to stand on stage and be auctioned. Now my stepbrothers are running the bid super high.

Tinsel and Teasing
I’ve been auctioned off to three burly lumberjacks who boast that their flannels need washing but I’d rather they give me a lesson in handling wood.

Holidays and Handcuffs
I just won three fire fighters in a charity auction…it must be time to heat things up!

Wishful and Wanton
I’m too shy to auction myself on stage, but my fantasy just might come true when I get sent to the principal’s office.

This is a bundle of independently released titles. None of the content has been changed.

This is a bundle of independently released titles.

If you love some Christmas fun with a charity auction and a lot of naughty adventures, then this is the bundle for you. These girls fantasies are about to come true.

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